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EP008 Stephen R. Lawhead “The Skin Map”

Physicists have sought far and wide for an explanation of the universe which excludes the postulate of a divine being, an intelligent designer who created and will complete all things. One solution is the multiverse, that the universe is really only one of many options out there, that there are other universes have spun off of this, or, perhaps, our universe is a spin-off of the primary universe, or what if this isn’t the primary universe . . . well, you get the idea. But what if you could travel between these universes? What if there was a means to explore alternative universes which bear a small resemblance to our own? What if you could travel not only through universes, but in different universes at different times, so that you could experience some part of the past? And what if you got lost? Well, you’d need the Skin Map to find your way back.


Edition Reviewed

Stephen R. Lawhead, The Skin Map


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