About Us

Roy S. Askins (roy@liesspeakingtruth.org) and his wife, Eliza, have three wonderful children—so far. They currently live in Texas were Roy serves Trinity Lutheran Church. Roy graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin with a major in Theology and a minor Philosophy and Theological Languages. While there he studied under Angus Menuge in Christian thought and literature. Roy received a M. Div. from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, in 2009. He is currently enrolled in the Masters of Sacred Theology program at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. His is primarily interested in faith, fiction, apologetics, and church history.


Christopher R. Gillespie (chris@liesspeakingtruth.org) and his wife, Anne, enjoy raising their family of six children in the Lord, music, reading, and the fine culture of Chicagoland. Christopher graduated from Concordia University Chicago with a major in Media Communications and a minor in Music. He has many hobbies including listening to music, cooking, baking, grilling, electronics, photography, computing, studying theology, and Christian apologetics. He regularly blogs on Outer Rim Territories and Facebook. He is currently in thesis stage of a Masters of Sacred Theology degree at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne.