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A Worldview Diagnostic Sheet

In the episode on The Jungle Book and the upcoming episode on the Graveyard Book, we make mention of a worldview diagnostic spreadsheet. We received permission from the publisher to post this on the website for our listeners to follow along with us. It will help you diagnose and think about worldview as you read, and help you to follow along in the podcasts.

A couple of comments though: It will still be helpful to read the book. All we have included in the sheet are quotes from the book. It will be hard to understand these quotes without the context. Secondly, please do not share this beyond your own usage. We have been given only a one-time usage to listeners of the podcast. Thirdly, if you still need to purchase the book, click here for the edition we used for the spreadsheet, or click here for the lastest edition.

We hope you enjoy it. We’ll be using it in more of our posts. If you have any questions: talkback@liesspeakingtruth.org.

Click here for the download: Worldview Diagnostic Spreadsheet

EP009 Ruyard Kipling “The Jungle Book” and “The Second Jungle Book”

‘Ay, roar well,’ said Bagheera, under his whiskers; ‘for the time comes when this naked thing will make thee roar to another tune, or I know nothing of Man.’

‘It was well done,’ said Akela. ‘Men and their cubs are very wise. He may be a help in time.’

‘Truly, a help in time of need; for none can hope to lead the Pack for ever,’ said Bagheera.

Akela said nothing. He was thinking of the time that comes to every leader of every pack when his strength goes from him and he gets feebler and feebler, till at last he is killed by the wolves and a new leader comes up—to be killed in his turn.

‘Take him away,’ he said to Father Wolf, ‘and train him as befits one of the Free People.’

And that is how Mowgli was entered into the Seeonee Wolf-Pack at the price of a bull and on Baloo’s good word.


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