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EP007 Daniel Defoe, “Robinson Crusoe”

Before Wilson’s smile graced the big screen, there were stories of men lost to battle the forces of nature with very little but their wits. Daniel Defoe wrote one of these stories, Robinson Crusoe. Now, Robinson Crusoe certainly wasn’t alone with nothing but his wits. He had many things which he found and which he was able to use. But one of the most intriguing factors of Defoe’s book is something Wilson (and his lost companion) never really mentioned—Providence. Crusoe believed his purpose on his island, as he came to call it, was superseded by a greater purpose. That Providence had a hand in it all. And yet at the same time, his success on the island was at the same time the result of his own labor, his pulling himself up. Come join us as we talk about this tension in Daniel Defoe’s book, Robinson Crusoe.

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Robinson Crusoe

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